About me


Curious, optimistic and independent.

Justine Tarlet


Passionate about foreign languages and web development, I decided to enter the wonderful world of web developers. Designing websites is an interesting way for me to show my capacity to adapt and to learn even more. I like learning different techniques and working on several CMS. I've always loved learning by myself and I got the best results that way.


Other horizons

Aside from web development, I am particularly interested in User Experience Design. This is one of the aspects I worked on for my Master’s dissertation.

I would like now to take a training course in web accessibility in order to pass a certification in this area.

I love working within a team and coping with delays isn’t something that scares me. As an optimistic person, I like to motivate people I work with.

I am also ...

Always looking for new adventures, I write on my travel blog (only in French) about my experiences in Scandinavia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I love keyboards: for both music and coding!