Web development


About my skills in web development.

Drupal 8 website development

In order to learn different technologies, I started learning several CMS.

I develop websites on Drupal 8: my latest project was the creation of this personal website. I decided to develop a Drupal theme by using CSS Framework Bootstrap.

Working with this CMS gives me more freedom in the content hierarchy and visuel aspect of my projects.

Moreover, its translation functionalities were perfectly adapted to this multilingual project.


Unique WordPress themes

I also have two years' experience in WordPress websites creation.

During theme development, I stay aware of the website's security and speed. I usually create themes from scratch or based on starter themes.

I am also aware of my clients' needs and use this CMS for its diverse custom functionalities. After each project, I provide training sessions to help my client update his or her website. I also create videos and user guides.


What I use


I use CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and KNACSS. I recently improved my skills by using CSS preprocessors such as Sass.


I have a very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and some basic knowledge of database management systems and SQL language. 


During my studies, I also had the opportunity to learn how to use GIT in order to work faster and more efficiently, whether alone or within a team.